donate2win® method 
unique & disruptive in europe!

donate2win® method is a disruptive way to combine a sweepstake
with a social responsibility project and involve people

the more the respective user donate to charity,
the higher the chances of winning, starting from € 10

perfect way for pushing new products, create brand awarness
and get viral

push your donate2win® campaign through your social media channels
and get media coverage by telling the story of your choosen social project,
 together with the non profit partner

donations being transferred directly to the non-profit bank account 

campaign on request in your company`s corporate design

zero problems and time issues for you: the whole campaign set up and
support is handled by love2care

donate2win® campaigns are legal all over europe
except italy, ireland, malta and belgium they must be excluded

100% GDPR complaint , 100% legal alternative method of
participating for free

international & regional donate2win campaigns possible

donations can be combined with product sampling

interested? we're happy2hear from you! 

let's make the world a better place together: 

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