the gamechanger in good cause fundraising! 
einzigartig und disruptiv in Europa


love2care is

the social responsibility company of Dominik Frey, Stephan Grau and Daniela Schardinger with the aim of making donations a lifestyle and motivating especially young people to donate money for good causes. We support non-profit organisations and help them to increase their fundraising income in a completely new way with digital sweepstakes, auctions, crowfunding, event-ticketing and sales campaigns. 

it all started in 2019 when Dominik came up with the idea to find new ways to support non-profit organisations to acquire new donors.

a lot of challenges and delays later, especially caused by the COVID-19 crisis, love2care teamed up exclusively with an US partner to change the way of giving especially in europe.

love2care is the gamechanger in good cause fundraising!

we can´t care for everyone. but everyone can care for someone.

there are a lot of challenges in non-profit fundraising,
love2care solves them

the average good cause money donator is 50+ and older


young people don’t feel addressed by classic media and direct marketing campaigns


it’s a rotation of existing donators instead of getting non-donators to donate


in europe 63% (!) of the population don´t donate at all


the COVID-19 crisis is also a big crisis for all non-profit organisations to raise money

we love2care for a better world!

love2care family

dominik frey

CEO & Founder

"love2care is my mission & my heart project. With the donate2win method, we bring a completely new way of getting donations to Europe. Nevertheless this is a very exciting tool for brands, too." 


professional background


Dominik is Managing Partner of the agency LEADS&CONTENT and Co-Founder (Exit 2019) of Opinion Leaders Network/ - meanwhile the largest Austrian business news site. 




Dominik is married to Barbara Frey, who is a wedding business entrepreneur herself. With her, he has a daughter. The family lives in the countryside near vienna in Austria.


social commitment


Dominik has been a volunteer at Caritas for many years, 

where he regularly takes care of refugee children.


stephan grau


"With love2care I want to realize my wish to give something back to the world!

Like Dominik, I was lucky to build a successful company which I recently sold to a corporation. I'm happy to make my experience available to the gamechanger love2care.


professional background


Stephan founded KGS Software GmbH together with a partner in the year 2000 and for nearly 2 decades and sold it successfully in 2018. . 

In 2016 Stephan founded the company Wunderwerk Entertainment & Medien GmbH, which operates Live Escape Rooms in Koblenz. These are known under the name "Magic Room Escape". Stephan is the sole shareholder and managing director of this company.




Stephan likes to puzzle and puzzle, is an avid Live Escape Game player and developer, does a lot of sports,

lives in Germany and spends a lot of time in Spain.


social commitment


For years, Stephan has supported the organization "Einfachhelfen", which has sponsorships for training

cares for children from the townships of South Africa. Furthermore, Stephan has privately had fountains built in Togo / Africa.


daniela schardinger


"For me, love2care is THE exciting challenge that I have been waiting for - I am looking forward to re-inventing the donation market, leaving a lasting footprint and creating a positive future. Finally, I can use my creative streak for a meaningful, innovative, global project together with a cool team!"

"It has often drawn me to projects where the goal was to encourage people to do something good … be it donating blood or volunteering - projects that have challenged me creatively in the past. love2care is just that, but much bigger … simply a good thing! "

professional background

Daniela brings over 10 years of global professional experience in advertising and marketing - over 5 years of which in innovative start-ups. After completing her university studies in Austria and Sweden, Daniela was able to prove her design skills in various advertising agencies for international brands in New Zealand, in Austria and Turkey made the legal industry a bit more colorful as a brand manager and marketing manager for Schönherr lawyers, in Switzerland she established and managed a healthcare company as Managing Director of Gynial, and now she is improving quality of life for women worldwide as OCON's VP marketing in women's health. 


Daniela is an adventurous, tennis enthusiastic globetrotter who loves to play the piano with a passion for beautiful design & innovative start-ups.

social commitment

Daniela has been involved in various local projects with the Red Cross in the past and already professionally launched a non-profit project for women in Africa.

interested? we're happy2hear from you! 

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