love2care for brands: 
we are your partner for pushing your brand and products by using our gamechanging donate2win© method for good causes.  

brand awareness: show that your company loves2care

perfect viral marketing campaign - push your products 

get new leads to potential customers

you choose the good cause purpose (people, animals, environment)

support non-profit organisations of your choice 

get existing customers to donate and stay true to your brand

use your love2care donate2win campaign in your exisiting marketing campaigns

show social responsibility

international & regional donate2win campaigns possible

100% legal

100% GDPR compliant

donations being transferred directly to the non-profit organisation

what we love2do: 
love2care plans and handles literally everything!

conception & consultation for your prefect campaign 

text, video & design for your donate2win campaign 

complete technical setup & implementation 

supervision and adaption of the current campaign 


marketing concept for your viral donate2win campaign, celebrity consulting 

interested? we're happy2hear from you! 

let's make the world a better place together: 

want more?
we offer additional gamechanging services: 

event fundraisers

love2care makes creating incredible event fundraisers (ticketing included) 

charity auctions

love2care makes building amazing auction fundraisers 

charity crowdfunding

launch and run compelling crowdfunding campaigns